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[08 Mar 2005|10:14pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

DAMMIT!! Dammit, dammit...I cannot fucking believe that Dylan and Finn have secured the services of that...that piece of filth Bryson! What the fuck were those two thinking? That man is nothing but scum, nothing but a bottom-feeder who makes his living by turning loose criminals and rubbish that I and others have risked our lives to apprehend. He is the very antithesis of what the law profession should be--concerned only about money and prestige, not a whit about whether or not his client is actually deserving of the privilege of associating with law-abiding, decent, respectable citizens.

Oh, no...as long as he's paid, he'd have worked to get the Dark Lord himself off with a mere slap on the wrist. Bastard! Filthy fucking piece of shite that doesn't deserve to practise.

::glares into the blazing flames of the fireplace, grips his heavy crystal glass:: Evidently, Kit Kovalcik recommended him; granted, I can see why that might make Finn accept having Bryson take on Dylan's case. Kovalcik is a good friend of theirs, not to mention a prosecutor of the highest calibre. He knows a good lawyer, and I'm sure he knows the kind of bulldogged tenacity that Bryson exhibits when handling a case. But to recommend someone like that take on Dylan's case? Merlin help us all...

::takes a drink of his brandy:: Still...after Cassie talked to me, tried to calm me down tonight, I guess I can see why they're taking Kovalcik's advice on this one. Dylan's gotten himself into a world of trouble, and to be honest, it's going to take someone as unrelenting, immoral and deceitful as Matthew Bryson to get him off with the lightest sentence possible. I just wish it was anyone but Bryson.

::snorts:: It isn't going to be a damn issue unless his bloody tribunal date's scheduled though. I don't know why they haven't set the date for that yet, but they bloody well need to get on with it. The boy imported an illegal item and make a sodding fool of himself in front of half of the Muggles in London, but for Merlin's sake, it's not as if he blasted half of the wizarding world into oblivion. People have committed worse crimes than his and been out by now, for all the gods' sakes!

I believe that I'm going to have to have a word with the Wizengamot tomorrow. Their docket may be backed up, but this is bordering on the ridiculous.

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WHY ME?!? [01 Mar 2005|09:31am]
[ mood | infuriated ]

What in the fucking bloody HELL have I EVER done to deserve this?!? Is it some sort of cosmic conspiracy against me for something that I've done? Was I Attila the HUN in a former life?!? Merlin....my former lives must have included Attila, Ghenghis Khan, Vlad the Impaler and Ivan the fucking TERRIBLE for me to have been saddled with the sort of things that I have in this life.

GODS! ::slams a pile of parchments down on his desk:: That...that BONEHEAD son of mine has really done it this time. I cannot believe that he actually bought and imported an enchanted carpet that he KNEW was illegal, that he shrank it and took it into Muggle London, that he let the bloody thing get away from him and then went for a gods-be-damned JOYRIDE over the entire city in front of Muggles and wizards alike! Bloody hell! In five minutes he managed to accomplish what Adolf sodding Hitler, the Third Reich and fucking Grindelwald himself couldn't accomplish in YEARS, which was practically bring London to its knees, not to mention knock the ruddy top off St Paul's Cathedral!

::pours himself a glass of whiskey:: I should have known. I should have KNOWN! When he asked me about flying carpets and the laws and regulations surrounding them, I should have known that he had something up his sleeve but good GODS, I didn't think that even DYLAN would do something so IDIOTIC! Well, he's thinking about it now. No doubt he had all bloody night to think about it in that holding cell down below--that is, if he stopped complaining about the accomodations long enough to contemplate exactly WHY he's sitting on a cot instead of his couch at home. I suppose I could have called in a few (and believe me, it would have taken MORE than a FEW) favours to get him released before his hearing, but no...he needs to see that there are consequences for such foolish, irresponsible behaviour.

Not to mention, the whole damn story's splashed all over the fucking front page of the Prophet in full-colour glory--my son, the respected businessman, hanging onto a carpet and shrieking like a girl. ::knocks back the last of his whiskey and pours another glass:: I swear, if anyone else in this bloody office asks me if I've seen my son, 'the criminal', on the front page, I'm going to blast their arse into oblivion before they can finishing laughing it off. (And yes, that includes Graeme MacNeil--I would have thought that I'd have at least ONE ally in this public humilation!)

Gods...I wonder if I can just spell-lock my office door and stay in here for, oh, let's say, FOREVER!

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[01 Mar 2005|08:38am]
[ mood | impressed ]


THE PROPHET! FRONT PAGE! My brother's a criminal! WOOOO! Got the pics to prove it too! Yeah, D made the papers and now he's doing time in the slammer for joy riding around London on a souped-up rug!

Of like all the wack things that D has ever done, I think this is the most wack (and the coolest!) Heh!!

Wonder if I could find a flying carpet? That one loop-di-loop turn he does in the first photo where he's hanging upside down with the blond fro -– yeah, that looks way cool! (He doesn't seem to be enjoying himself too much there though.) Now, in the other picture he just looks like a big stupid git screaming like a girl and hanging on tight to that flying carpet as he swoops over some old lady with one of those chi-chi, yappy dogs. Old lady dropped like a ton of bricks! (The article said she was ok though, so I'm not being heartless and all laughing about it.)

Wow! D managed to take out the top of St. Paul's Cathedral! o.O (That's like sacrilegious – no wonder they busted him!) And he totally tore up Harrods too and freaked out some Muggles on the London Eye. One Muggle called him a UFO. *snerk* That's right – Unidentified Flying Odd-Sod.

Now everybody at school keeps coming up to talk to me about it, so that's ok too. My brother is infamous! Notorious! Heh!

I want to send him an owl, just to cheer him up while he's chilling his heels in the pokey. I'd just keep it sweet and simple:

What up, blood? What up, Bro? (Whoa) What up, Gangstaaa?:-D

Yeah, think I will! Wonder if Dad would deliver the message to him since D's stuck in the cells below the Ministry office? (Can't believe Dad hasn't made them set him free yet. Or Mr MacNeil. Would have thought they could do something about that, you know?)

I bet Finn is totally freaking out, and... D is probably crawling the walls right about now! Yep...

Conner said I should send him a file secretly. o.O A file?! WTF? What's he going to do with that? File his nails? (Yeah, D probably would. >.<) Conner says that's what you're supposed to send prisoners, that he's seen it in some Muggle films. See... now THAT is why Muggles have it so hard. They have to use nail files as weapons. That's just sad.

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[02 Feb 2005|03:04pm]
[ mood | incredulous ]

I don't believe it. A flying carpet. He honestly thought that he could get a flying bloody carpet!

Where did my children come from? Because honestly, there are times that I wonder if Cassie just performed some sort of Glamour that made her look pregnant when she actually found them on the side of the road or something. Wyn, alright, there are times when I see some of my own stubbornness and tenacity in her--granted, I wish that she'd use that bulldoggedness for something other than prying into sensitive Ministry business, but there you are. So maybe she is ours. Bran...I wonder about that boy at times. If he spent as much time on his studies as he did memorising Quidditch plays, statistics and the newest pranks to aggravate the Slytherins with, he'd be in line to be Head Boy. Oh, but nooooo...why bother with that when it's far more entertaining to try to demolish at least half of Hogwarts before he's in his fifth year.

And then there's Dylan. Merlin, in all of his glitter-wearing, Muggle music listening, dancing, singing flamboyant glory. I'm always saying that there's nothing he can do that will surprise me, that I've seen and heard it all.

Until the other day when he asked me about to go about obtaining a flying carpet because 'it fits in with the theme for my Valentine's pressie to my Gorgeous, Sexy Hunky Hubby!'. By the time I managed to pick my jaw up from the floor, he was already chattering on and on about how much fun it was going to be to go swooshing around London on a stylish Persian carpet in the 'most fabby colours with those tassles flying behind us'. I barely managed to break into his endless string of plans long enough to remind him that flying carpets are currently banned in Britain as they are on the Registry of Proscribed Charmable Objects--defined as Muggle artifacts and thus illegal to enchant.

I don't think he believed me. Knowing Dylan, he likely thought that I was making it all up to spoil his fun. Merlin...I'm just waiting for a call from the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. >_<

::looks up as an official-looking letter flies into the office and lands on his desk, groans when he sees the seal of Hogwarts::

Gods...I swear, if that boy has enchanted the toilets in the Slytherin dorms to blow up again, I'm going to Apparate up to that school and hex him myself!

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[16 Jan 2005|06:12pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Merlin...do I look as though I have "Glutton For Punishment" tattooed across my forehead? Do I have "Dim" and "Thick As A Bloody Plank" flashing above me in great horrid glittery letters that would make Dylan proud?

Bran has informed me and his mother that now, in addition to his dog (which he begged, whinged and cajoled us for as long as I can remember), he wants a Jarvey. A Jarvey!! Short of presenting that boy with a sodding Niffler, I can't begin to imagine a pet that would cause him to be present in Detention more than he is already. I swear, I don't know how he has time to complete his schoolwork with the amount of time that he spends polishing trophies, cleaning lavatories and Merlin knows what else they have to find for him to do as punishment for his endless pranks and misbehaviour. I don't envy Carlson or any of his staff in the least. After all, I've dealt with his antics for the last twelve years; they get the supreme pleasure of taking him off my and Cassie's hands for a few months out of the year now.

Dylan and Finn brought one of the vulgar creatures over today; evidently, they are petsitting for Finn's department head who is on holiday and needed someone to care for his animal...Wade. Wade!! Who in bloody hell names anything WADE?

All afternoon, I got the pleasure of hearing that animal spout every sort of insult, swear word and rude comment known to the English-speaking world. Which, of course, was quite an educational experience for my youngest son who is now returning to Hogwarts armed with even more phrases that will result in loss of House points for Gryffindor than ever before. I suppose that we should just be thanking all the gods that the blasted creature--the Jarvey, not Bran--is proficient in only one language.

No. No, no and no again. He can beg all he wants, and promise that it'll be 'the last thing I EVER ask for in my WHOLE life' (right, I heard that about the dog, his newest broomstick, the autographed Bats' player cards, and about a thousand other things!) but he is NOT getting a Jarvey. At least not while he's still under my control and my roof.

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Howler O.O [06 Jan 2005|07:15am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

*sits at breakfast with Conner and the rest of his housemates as the morning mail sails in*

Oh bloody great!

*picks up the Howler that lands in his cereal bowl, the second in as many days, then smirks over at Conner*

Wonder who this one is from? Dad again? No, it's probably Mum this time. Oooh, or Wyn may have found out about the Canary Creams I left for her. Heh! She's probably Tweeting and Twitching right about now! *GRIN*

*looks at the writing on the outside*

Looks like a girl's writing. Huh. The only girls who send me howlers are Mum and Wyn... and Dylan!*laughs*

*sighs gustily then and smiles a wry, slightly goofy, crooked smile at his housemates*

Better cover your ears, mates! Here I go!

*rips into the red envelope*


Oh Bugger! >.< *flushes at the sound of the high, screeching, girly voice that booms out*


*looks over at his housemates and shrugs, laughing* Ooops! Guess she didn't care for the gift!


o.O "Stupid Poop-head Wanker"?!? Well, SHE's A STUPID, POOP-HEAD WANKERETTE!

*glares at his housemates who have now erupted into laughter, tosses his spoon back in his cereal bowl and makes a rude gesture as he jumps up from the table, tries to bolt off but the howler follows him, still screaming*




>_< *laughs, then flushes bright crimson, shrugs*

It doesn't matter anyway! Heh! She's NOT my sodding girlfriend and I DON'T WANT HER TO BE ANYWAY!

*glares at Conner as he makes a sarcastic comment* SHUT YOUR STUPID GOB, YOU SMEGHEAD GIT! YOU KNOW I PREFER MATURE WOMEN!

*eyes widen as he sees everyone is staring at him, snickering and laughing* STOP STARING! STOP LAUGHING! >.< OKAY, SO CIARA IS A GIRL... sorda... AND SHE'S A FRIEND... WAS A FRIEND, BUT SHE'S NOT MY BLOODY GIRLFRIEND!!

PISS OFF! *glares again and darts off, heading to the pitch to fly off his frustration and embarrassment*

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Things that really make my New Year merry and bright... [05 Jan 2005|06:51am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

1. Having to work in the office instead of in the field because some half-witted moron decided that it would be more appropriate for us to handle all of our own paperwork in addition to doing our normal level of field work. Excuse me, but isn't that why the Ministry employs high-level security clerks? Oh, no, of course not...those folks are only kept round to fetch tea and biscuits.

2. Sitting down at my desk this morning and finding that my youngest son, who shall remain nameless but who will be receiving a Howler just about this very moment, decided to hide his stash of Chocoballs from his mother and brother in the pocket of my favourite robes. Nothing like the feel of squashed strawberry mousse and clotted cream seeping into your clothes to get you on track for a productive day at work.

3. Arrogant whelps of rich pureblood families being handed positions of authority in Ministry departments for which they have no training or experience; indeed the only thing that they do have are fathers who have no qualms about paying handsomely for their children to be appointed to positions that should have been given to qualified and deserving wizards and witches who can actually do the job.

4. The obvious and very annoying lack of tea in this office today. This is England for Merlin's sake! Why the hell is it seemingly impossible for me to find even a single tea leaf anywhere in this portion of the Ministry? Dammit! I need a good strong cup of tea and I need it immediately.

I think that an early (and off-the-premises) lunch with Graeme will be in order today. I'm sure that his desk is piled high with bureaucratic rubbish as well, and I'm sure that he'd be more than happy to leave the madness for a bite to eat as well as a strong drink. I know I need to.

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[19 Dec 2004|04:55pm]
[ mood | hyper ]


All the good things - BAT, sleeping in, arsing off, loads of food always sitting around just waiting to be eaten (though Mum nearly gave me a hiding the other day when I ate the sweets in that basket she had just sitting in the foyer. >.< How was I supposed to know that was someone's Christmas gift? *shrugs* I'm not a sodding mind reader.). Yeah, I like this time of year, plus – NO studies for like weeks so YAY!

Miss Conner and my Housemates and teammates though.

STILL, BAT! And, you know, being the COOLEST dog in the world, he's all wagging tail and loud happy dog barks. I've been sharing some of the sweets with him too, except last night it gave him the farts something fierce and Dad kept looking over at me o.O which is just stupid. ... I mean, come on, when that happens to me, I crack up and last night I totally wasn't laughing (because that was some major raunchy BAT Bombs!) So yeah, he should have known it wasn't me funking up the room. Think he felt bad about telling me to "go to the bloody loo" and doing that Fumigating Charm on me though because he gave me money to go buy Christmas gifts with today. *GRIN*

Didn't have a clue what to get, but then I saw where Madame Mucketymuck's or whatever that clothing store is called was having a special sale on T-Shirts, and everyone likes T-shirts, right, so cool! My shopping was done and I could spend the rest of the day in QQS!

Yeah, so the shirts, this is what I got:

Conner's says: "Your village called for you. They're missing their idiot." I couldn't decide between that one and "CAUTION... May cause irritation.", so I got him both.

Dad's: "Here's a little hint. I DON'T CARE." (Totally Dad!)

Mum's: "Children are our future. Start guilting them now." (Yeah, Mum subscribes to this whole-heartedly. Sending me freaking Howlers all the time. >.<)

Wyn's: "P.M.S.: Purchase More Shoes" (She's got more shoes than Fancie's Fabulous Footwear)

Dylan's: "Captain of the Fashion Police" (He thinks so anyway. Almost got him: "Proud Member of the Scary Hair Club" but thought he'd hex me for that one! *grin*)

Finn's: Green shirt that says "I'm with stupid" (I charmed the pointing finger on it to always point at Dylan no matter where he stands beside or behind Finn! Heh! D might hex me for that one too!)

And I even got Ciara one because it had Barney the Bats mascot on it and he's all glittery, and like Dylan, she loves that shiny ugly stuff (but it's not really ugly this time because it's Barney, and since he's the Bats mascot, that makes up for the stupid glitter). Anyway, it says: "I'm batty for Butterbeer." *shrug*

Speaking of Bats, got BAT a shirt too. His says: "I'm into heavy petting." (And he IS! Horndog! Heh!)

Since the shirts were 10 for 10 galleons, I got me one too. It's black with red writing (BATS colours!) and says "Bad Seed" *grin* That's me!

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[16 Dec 2004|08:39pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Another bloody twelve hour day here at the Ministry and I still keep getting these blasted memos--take care of one and two more come flying in here. The next one that I see will be sent back to its author with a Flesh Melting Charm cast upon it...see if they can write the damn things when the skin's falling off their fingers. Bureaucratic morons. Not a damn one of them could find their arse with both hands and a sodding map.

I swear to Merlin, I don't know how Graeme keeps from going absolutely mental around this place. Give me the field any day over this desk rubbish. Unfortunately, after last week's Azkaban incident, I'm stuck in here trying to get this mess cleaned up, what with the requisite paperwork that needs to be filed after handling such things. It was...messy to say the least, but it's taken care of and I doubt that the Dementors will be too anxious to try that sort of stunt again anytime soon. Stupidity, that, keeping the fortress full of those creatures when the place could be properly controlled with hand-picked and specially trained Aurors given the appropriate authority to use whatever means necessary to keep order.

Needless to say, I was glad to get away from all of this for a bit when the family went to Sweden for an early holiday celebration. I know Cassie wasn't overly pleased with me not being able to stay the entire time, but, well...she's gotten used to it over the years. She knows that my job entails me putting in hours that are hardly what would be considered a normal workday. Still, she'd rather that I could have spent more time up there, and considering what I was down here doing, I can safely say that I wouldn't have disagreed.

That's even taking into consideration the lovely hand-knitted gift that my mother-in-law saw fit to give me this year. I know it's the thought that counts, but really...looking at that thing makes me wonder what in the hell she was thinking. Got the wool at a discount, indeed. I suspect the shop owners would have paid her to take it off their hands since nobody else would buy it.

Wish I could have banished that bobble-topped wonder to Tragic Land or whatever the hell that place is that Evan and Dylan always talk about. The place for hideous clothing...or what passes for hideous clothing in their eyes ('hideous' being somewhat subjective with those two!). I daresay that, for once, though, we would have all agreed on the hideousness of Marta's gift of the year. Even Finn, polite as ever, looked somewhat horrified.

::looks at the clock, runs a hand over his eyes::

That's it. Since the next memo I answer will likely contain a response that would get me called before the Minister himself, I'm going to head home. Cass is probably about ready to hex me anyway, seeing as how I told her that I'd most likely be home at a reasonable time tonight since I was in the office.

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[26 Sep 2004|09:49pm]
[ mood | worried ]


Aidan is hurt... really badly too. Concussion. :-( :-( Dylan and Finn said he was getting good treatment at St. Mungo's and had woken up, so :-) :-) that's cool! BUT, he's not well, and he is having to stay there for a bit. I wish Conner and I could go see him. :-(

I thought he might be bored so I owled him my little portable Quidditch game to entertain himself while he's getting better. I Charmed one of the little blokes to look like Aidan and one of the other players to look like that nasty, ugly, gross June Bug Gilliam girl (yeah, like those nasty little beetle bugs that fly up at you at night and annoy you. See, that fits! She's a June bug! Uuuugh!). Wee Game!Aidan can just keep lobbing bludgers at that girl-git! YEAH! I hope he knocks her off his broom!

I tried it first. Made Conner be June Bug and I was Aidan *grin* and I kept knocking June off her stick (oh YEAH!) and sending her to the pitch! COOOL! Conner was a wanker and refused to play any more. He said it made him feel weird to play a girl... especially her. Okay,... well, I guess I can understand that.

Yeah, anyway, I think Aidan will like it! It'll give him something to do. Hospitals are so boring. o.O

I hope he's going to be okay.

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[20 Sep 2004|05:03pm]
[ mood | bored ]

*yawns loudly*

I am so bored! I don't like Mondays. >_< They're so boring. Well, except for when I stuck Conner to his chair earlier today. That was pretty cool. Livened the day up some, YEAH! *GRIN* Don't think Conner agreed. Heh! It's his fault though. He shouldn't have aimed that stupid spitball at my head in HoM this morning! I was napping away like the dead until that prat Charmed the spitball to buzz around my head like a bee. o.O Git! Got him back though. *GRIN* I felt a little bad about his robes ripping and all when he went to stand up, but ... hey, it's cool, he's got some ventilation back there now!

I'm still bummed about missing Aidan's game this weekend. *frown* Dylan and Finn were supposed to take us, but NOOOO, Dylan just HAD to go shopping instead. He's worse than Wyn about that! >_< I thought they were coming to take us to the game and were going to surprise us, so I acted like I didn't know where we were going and that I knew Finn was just having us on about going into Hogsmeade instead, but then...


NO, I found out they were dead serious about going shopping! SHOPPING?! WHO would choose looking in some stupid shop for red trunks instead of seeing the Bats play?! Who would choose that?! My brother! I swear he's like one of those changeling things. He's actually a fairy. Heh! That's the truth! My real brother is sitting somewhere in 'Tir Na n'Og' on a mushroom or something, complaining about the lack of sports in the Otherworld. *nods*

So, yeah, Conner and I spent the day in Hogsmeade looking at glittery luggage Wooo... so exciting! >.< instead of at the game!

Still, they brought BAT with them! YEAH!! I didn't see the Bats, but I got to see my BAT again, so that was cool! And they took us out for lunch and bought us HUGE sundaes and that was cool too, and while Dylan poked around in some other boring clothes shop and Finn went in the book store, Conner and I got some really great things in Zonko's!

Oh! Zonko's! That's it! I know how to make the Monday yawns go away! *GRIN*

Hey, Conner! Let's go stick that invisible whoopie cushion thing you got in Professor Fiennes' chair for tomorrow morning! :-D HEH!

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My Dog Bat! [09 Aug 2004|10:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm getting a dog!!!

So COOOOOOL! *GRIN* Yeah! A dog of my own!

I'm a little bummed because I can't take him back with me to Hogwarts in the fall though :-(, but, still I'M GETTING A DOG!! I went today with Mum and got some dog stuff that he'll need like a new collar and a leash and food. I got an awesome collar! BATS colours! AND it's spiked too! WOOO! Mum said the spikes looked bad and she was afraid they'd hurt me if I tried to hug him, but the spikes press back into little buttons when you touch them, so it's cool. I had to get a big collar though because he's a big bloke! He's actually full-grown French Briard but that's okay. At least this way I don't have to house break him, and since I'm not much of a pooper scooper, that works out great! We also bought water and food bowls since we couldn't find the ones that had belonged to Winston before he went to puppy paradise. That's alright though, my dog needed his own bowls because Winston was more Dylan's dog when he was alive. This one is MY dog! YEAH!

He already has a name, some kind of fancy schmancy dog show type name, but it's like Napoleon's Singular Sensation or something really sucky like that. >_< Conner made fun of the name though and called him Nappy which is even more stupid and I told him that too. I'm not calling MY dog Nappy! o.O No way!

Dad said since it was an adult dog that it might not answer to the name I give him so I better stick with Napoleon. That's too long to say though and too old-fashioned. That may be his name, but I'm going to call him something cool! I thought maybe Bat, you know, like after the BEST team in the world, but Conner said it was stupid to name a dog Bat. >.<

So then, I thought Aidan *grin* but Conner said Aidan might not want a dog named after him, but of course he does! Aidan likes animals. I know that for a fact! Dylan says Aidan is good with animals. Tig used to hang out with Aidan and Tig is a hedgehog, so if Aidan likes hedgehogs, he's bound to like dogs too. Then Conner said to call the dog Aid, which that's ... no way! If I went outside shouting, "Aid! Aid!", somebody might run up thinking I needed help or something! So no way. I don't like Din either because I can't go shouting "Din! Din!". That would just sound like I was announcing to the neighborhood that I was about to eat. That's stupid too. So now, I'm stuck.

I still like Bat though because his ears are dark and they kinda stick up off his head like a bat's wings, you know? So, yeah, I think I'll call him Bat after the BEST team in the world!

Oh, here's a pic of me meeting my new dog Bat! He already knows how to shake hands! Best dog in the world named after the best team in the world! So cool!

Bran meets BatCollapse )

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[04 Aug 2004|10:17am]
[ mood | working ]

Seems that Dylan and Finn are going to be coming over for dinner tonight; Cass told me as I was leaving for the Ministry this morning. Not that I ever mind the boys coming over--far from it--but it made me wonder if I'd forgotten something; a birthday, their anniversary, our anniversary (as if Cassie would let me survive that!). I didn't think I had because I'm always more organised than that, but still...as busy as I've been lately, it's certainly possible.

No, evidently they just wanted to see us, which is fine. I always enjoy their visits, even if I don't tend to contribute much to the conversation, which generally seems to center around the latest fashions, Dylan's upcoming events or the current gossip circulating around Diagon Alley and the wizarding world at large. (Most of it seems to come from that ridiculous Witch Weekly or some similar nonsensical waste of good parchment, but that's neither here nor there.) I don't follow most of that business, but I can appreciate that it's important to Cass and Dylan...well, the fashions and events, that is.

Usually I can get Finn away and we'll talk about other things; Ministry affairs, some of his research at the Department of Mysteries, that sort of thing. Most of the work he does there is very secretive, but as I have security clearance for a good bit of it, he can discuss much of it with me. Sometimes I think that he's glad that he can, since he can't tell Dylan much about what he does there. It's hard not being able to share your work--your accomplishments, your triumphs, even your disappointments--with your spouse. I should know. I've never been able to share much of what I do with Cassie, in all the years of our marriage. Bless her, she's been more patient and understanding than any woman should ever have to be and Merlin knows that I appreciate that more than I've ever been able to tell her. I know it's been so difficult for her, but she's a strong woman and she's always been incredible about it. Dylan's the same way with Finn, really; I know he doesn't like it when Finn can't tell him about his work--probably pouts like mad--but he deals with it. Just like his mother, that one. So much like my Cassie.

Maybe I can even talk Finn into a chess game after dinner. That boy is about as good as I've ever seen; he beats me on a fairly regular basis, and that's something even my own father rarely did. Keeps me on my toes, that's for damn certain.

It ought to be a fairly quiet evening at any rate. Wyn's busy with some article she's writing for that upstanding bastion of journalistic integrity known as the Daily Prophet, and Bran'll be off spending the night with Conner. The McDougals are going on some family outing to the Quidditch Hall of Fame tomorrow, so of course, Conner had to have his best friend along with him. Quidditch-mad, those two--even worse than I was at their age! I can see them now, standing at the exhibit about Aidan McCloy, hero-worshiping every item in the case and talking as loudly as possible about how they 'are PERSONAL FRIENDS with AIDAN MCCLOY of the BALLYCASTLE BATS, and get tickets to their matches all the time and get to go into the locker room after the match and have loads of stuff signed by AIDAN MCCLOY and the rest of his teammates--yeah, all of 'em, because we've met ALL OF THE BATS'. Just to make sure that everyone in the vicinity knows that they've both met the man himself.

::shakes his head fondly, looking over at a framed photo on his desk and smiling at the sight of his youngest son elbowing his eldest son who returns the favour with a pop to the top of the boy's head while their sister rolls her eyes::

So different, the three of them. But I couldn't love them more if I tried. Just wish they believed that.

::goes back to organising the papers he's written detailing his latest field assignment::

Better get this done so I won't be late for dinner. I may take on some of the most dangerous assignments the Ministry can throw at me, but even I don't want to feel the wrath of Cassiopeia Evander if her dinner plans are thwarted!

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[18 Jun 2004|12:26am]
[ mood | excited ]


Got an owl today from Wyn. She said she'll be interviewing Aidan and Adie for an article in the Prophet this weekend! That's so cool because loads of kids here at school get the paper and see, I KNOW Aidan and Adie, so yeah, I've got bragging rights!

I was bummed though because she didn't tell me in time for me to be able to submit a question. >_< That sucks. Even Dylan and Finn got to ask them a question. I'm going to tell her this weekend that she should have let me and Conner know because we could have asked them all kinds of questions like about maneuvers and cool hideouts here at school, and all the things they used to pull when they were here, stuff like that, but NOOOOO, she'll let my big brother ask some perverted question o.O and won't let me ask a normal question that ... loads of people would want them to answer, you know?

This weekend is the big perv's birthday. I found these really incredible sweets -- called Bird Biscuits, and yeah, they work like Canary Creams so *GRIN*, that's going to be FUN to see what kind of tweeter Dylan turns into! Heh! Conner is coming with me, mainly to see Wyn, which is... gross >_<, but I can't say anything because he says the only reason I'm going is because Martine and Eveline are going to be there -- they're my brother's hot (really HOT) friends, but I told him that was sick because, you know, Dylan thinks of them as his sisters so that makes them my sisters too kinda and o.O -- ewww, that's just wrong! I didn't say anything to egg him on so then he started teasing me about Ciara being there too *blush* and that's wrong also because she's just a kid. So I clobbered him.

Conner is a big fat prat! He's a git! >_

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::Owl to Dylan and Finn:: [23 May 2004|08:38pm]
[ mood | worried ]


Wyn may have already told you this, but in case you haven't heard, Aidan got hit by a bludger at the match. >_< Knocked him cold. Wyn found out that he has a... con... umm... head thing -- conclusion or whatever it's called. I hope he's gonna be alright. Me and Conner saw the whole thing. We tried to run up to the pitch but the security wankers wouldn't let us out there. Bats lost... 'cos they lost their main player. They can't win without Aidan! Anyway, the game doesn't matter. Just worried about Aidan. Me and Conner got him a load of candy and I owled it to him tonight.

Do you think he'll be alright? Can you let us know?


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YEAH!!! [24 Apr 2004|01:00pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Goin' to see the BATS! YEAH!!! Goin' to see AIDAN and the BATS! WOOOOO!!!! *high fives Conner*

This is the best birthday EVER!!!

*looks at clock*

So... where the devil are Dylan and Finn? Oh man... I hope they get here soon. We've been ready to go since like... I dunno... maybe 7:30 a.m.- heh!

Can't WAIT!!

Oi! Conner, nuh huh! If you take your stick, 'm takin' mine too and D said they wouldn't let us in with the sticks. *sad*

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::Owl to Dylan and Finn:: [01 Dec 2003|04:19pm]
[ mood | bored ]


Mum made me promise to write you since she said that you felt out of touch O.o or... yeah, something like that. Don't know what to say though. Umm...

School is okay. Quidditch is GREAT! Practice kinda bites because our new seeker is being trained and we keep having to practice the same sodding manoovers over and over. Boring as hell. (Don't tell Mum I said that!)

Raided the kitchen with Conner and got caught by a birdy prefect. 20 points taken from Gryffindor >_< so I'm not real bloody popular right now. Neither is Conner - heh! 's'okay though 'cos we didn't get detention or anything like that. Man, I'd die if they did to me what they did last term -- you know, taking my stick away and all. Sucked bull bollocks! 'course, it was a Snake (no offense Finn!) that did it to me then and only 'cos we had a match coming up. Heh -- we still kicked their arses all over the pitch! Yeah!

Finn, Ciara sent me an owl with... I dunno know what it is. Looks like ... an animal thing made of paper. She said it was a new hobby -- organami -- something like that. She sprayed flowery smell all over it though. Was cool 'cos Conner is allergic and he sneezed like mad for like 10 minutes. Heh! Ian put a colour curse on him so he sneezed rainbow bubbles. So tell C thanks for the laugh! Was very cool! Yeah!

Umm... I dunno what else to write. Oh, I know! Ask Aidan if he and Mo want to come up for the match against the birdies. It was delayed so we're playing it at the beg. of December 'stead of end of Nov. We're gonna kick some Brainy Bird Butt! Oh, and you two can come also... but only if you promise not to snog under the bleachers again! Ugh! I was ragged about that for like months afterward, so don't do that. >.< I mean it! Save that for your private times, 'kay? But yeah, come if you want to but... no snogging! Euuww!

I think I better go. Almost time for dinner!

Later, taters!

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